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This memorial website was created in the memory of  George Tatnell who was born in Australia on April 28, 1939 and passed away on May 13, 2007 at the age of 68. We will remember him forever. 

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Gorgeous¹ George Tatnell began racing Stock Cars at Windsor Speedway in 
1962. He then moved into the Westmead Super Modified winning the 1966 NSW 
Title before Speedcars occupied his interest, winning the 1970 and 72 New  South Wales Championship, 1973 Australian Speedcar Grand Prix, 1973, 74 and 
77 Australian Speedcar Championship with runner up positions in 1976 and 78.
Tatnell moved into the Sprintcar ranks and won the 1975 NSW Title in Lismore 
before finally winning the 1988 Australian Sprintcar Championship in 
Adelaide after eight years of trying (despite a second, third and two 
fourths) while victory in the prestigious Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic 
forever eluded him. Tatnell won back-to-back Winfield ASC Series (World
Series Sprintcars) Championships in 1988 and 1989 with a runner up position 
in 1990 and captured 7 World Series Sprintcars Round Wins and 8 Fast Times, 
however a ban on racing in Winfield livery in SA and Vic curtailed his WSS 
activities in 1991/92 when the series was sponsored by Quit. Tatnell was 
also the Sprintcar Control Council of Australia (SCCA) president for years 
from 1995 to 1999. 

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George was a true legend in the world of speedway.He had many friends and fans and will always be remembered and treasured for what he put into speedway.He will be missed dearly by all those that knew him.Rest in peace George and hope you are going to show them up in heaven what a true champion you was and always will be to many people.

Tributes and Condolences
loved u mate   / Robert Green (a friend all my life )
we used to waterski together and when i was a kid he was my santa claws. him and my dad used to be very close. thanks for everything george and val. robert and baden green.
A true Australian "Legend in Speedway"   / Adrian Menzel (HUGE FAN!!!!! )
As a member of the St John Ambulance Brigade- Adelaide (Motor Cycle) Division SA Inc we attended speedway meetings at Rowley Park Speedway Park and Murray Bridge to render First Aid to any injured riders and drivers at the speedway meetings. Due to...  Continue >>
Fan  / Jeff K. (none)
A great fan of Brooke. Your father will be missed i am sure . But memories are forever.
The Tatnell Family are back with an ambition to make GT proud. We are honouring his wish and doing our best to raise funds and awareness for cancer research and support services.

The term cancer ways heavily on most people’s hearts,...  Continue >>
Tatnell Family   / Sharon Dobson (Friend)
To Val, Kelly, Brooke, Gail, Joe n the Tatnell Family,

I would just like 2 say that I am thinking of u all 2day I hope that u all have a lovely xmas n we know that George is there with u guys as i know Pete is here with me

Georg...  Continue >>
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A daughters days without you!  / Kelly Wade (daughter)    Read >>
You were truly Magical George  / Cherie Palmer (Fan)    Read >>
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Your a legend George  / Jimmy McGregor (Huge Fan )    Read >>
Goodbye George Tatnell  / Victoria Hildebrandt (Fan of Brooke Tatnell )    Read >>
Rest in Peace George  / Samantha Dobson (Fan/Peter Dobsons neice )    Read >>
my poem to George  / Corey Slade (speedway fan )    Read >>
We'll never forget you George  / Paul Allitt (Fan)    Read >>
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