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loved u mate  / Robert Green (a friend all my life )  Read >>
loved u mate  / Robert Green (a friend all my life )
we used to waterski together and when i was a kid he was my santa claws. him and my dad used to be very close. thanks for everything george and val. robert and baden green. Close
A true Australian "Legend in Speedway"  / Adrian Menzel (HUGE FAN!!!!! )  Read >>
A true Australian "Legend in Speedway"  / Adrian Menzel (HUGE FAN!!!!! )

As a member of the St John Ambulance Brigade- Adelaide (Motor Cycle) Division SA Inc we attended speedway meetings at Rowley Park Speedway Park and Murray Bridge to render First Aid to any injured riders and drivers at the speedway meetings.

Due to us being positioned on the infield we had the priveledge of viewing the racing from a close range and then able to be near the competitors especially during presentations.

Obviously by George's results he was a person that we came to see quite often and it was always a pleasure to see him win.

It was not only his ability to win but it was the way that he went about it.

There were many times that he would start from the rear of the field and go through a 25 - 40 lap race and when the chequered flag was waived it was waved at George.

He was a very competitive driver and he was also a flambouyant person to go with it and was not frightened to let people know how good he was. He was also reasonably galant in defeat as well.

I will remember him for all my life and it is also a pleasure to see his son Brooke follow in his footsteps. The success that Brooke has had to date definitely is shown due to his father "being a good teacher".

RIP George "Gorgeous" Tatnell and all the best in your racing career Brooke!!


Fan / Jeff K. (none)  Read >>
Fan / Jeff K. (none)

A great fan of Brooke.

Your father will be missed i am sure . But memories are forever. Close
THE TATNELL FAMILY ARE READY TO RELAY  / Kylie Harris (family)  Read >>
The Tatnell Family are back with an ambition to make GT proud. We are honouring his wish and doing our best to raise funds and awareness for cancer research and support services.

The term cancer ways heavily on most people’s hearts, as this tragic disease is uniting us all in more ways than we care to imagine.

With this in mind, we hope that you may join us on this journey to help defeat cancer. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us share the attached information and help our team “The GT Allstars” raise some funds, for all our futures.

Kind Regards

The Tatnell Family.

February 2008

The GT Allstars are back with a vengeance and ready to raise some crucial funds to help make a difference for all our futures in the fight against cancer.

The show stopped on the 13th May 2007 when “speedway’s greatest showman” took his final chequered flag. After an inspirational battle, George Tatnell lost the fight of his life to pancreatic cancer.

On the 3rd May 2008 George Tatnell’s family and friends will honour his wish to continue raising funds for Cancer research, education and support services by entering their team “The GT Allstars” in The Cancer Council’s Sutherland Shire Relay for Life. It is an overnight event whereby teams of people take turns to walk/run around their local oval in order to raise vital funds in the goal of defeating cancer.

“Celebrate life and create hope by sponsoring our team - The GT Allstars”.
It is our mission to honour the many lives touched by cancer and walk with pride, so that we may all continue to live with passion, purpose and meaning.

If you or someone you know would like to know more about our team or make a donation you can do so via the following link:

Alternatively cheques can be made payable to: “Relay for Life”
Postal address: C/- Gale Gleeson, 77 Bonds Road, Punchbowl NSW 2196

We all have the power to change someone’s life, to give a moment that will be cherished forever. A kind honest act can bring more meaning to someone who needs it more than they know.

Thank you for your support,
The Tatnell Family.
Tatnell Family  / Sharon Dobson (Friend)  Read >>
Tatnell Family  / Sharon Dobson (Friend)
To Val, Kelly, Brooke, Gail, Joe n the Tatnell Family,

I would just like 2 say that I am thinking of u all 2day I hope that u all have a lovely xmas n we know that George is there with u guys as i know Pete is here with me

George was just a Legend n 1 that will never be 4gotton by any1 that knew him, he touched so many hearts n life of ppl around the worl, not just in the Speedway life but his normal life as well 

George RIP mate u r always in my thoughts

Sharon (peter dobson's sister) Close
Captain George  / Erin And Sleepy Tripp (Competitor/Friend)  Read >>
Captain George  / Erin And Sleepy Tripp (Competitor/Friend)

Strangely, I found this website the day after Evel Knievel has (also) past away - George nick-named me Evil many years ago in Indy and when I received a call and heard "Evil" I knew it was George calling - unique is an understatement for George - he was a one of a kind and we have fond, fond memories of our days of racing together or him passing through LA - RIP Captain George

A daughters days without you!  / Kelly Wade (daughter)  Read >>
A daughters days without you!  / Kelly Wade (daughter)
i miss you so much, it feels like years!Never has there been a father like you.Always there,our best friend,funny and incredibly unique. The mould was definately broken with you.The whole in my heart will never be filled and the hurt will never stop.
So much to so many, our lives will never bee the same.I want you back so much!
We are so fortunate and greatful to not only have you as our father, but that we were able to have you as such a close friend. The days just aren't as bright anymore!!
anyhow!!!Happy Fathers! I love you.
Mouse Close
You were truly Magical George  / Cherie Palmer (Fan)  Read >>
You were truly Magical George  / Cherie Palmer (Fan)
Dear Gorgeous George
Thankyou for the wonderful memories you gave me, You were instantly number one in my mind and no one will ever change that.

I admired your courage on the race track and recently with your personal fight.

May god bless you George RIP and know you will never be forgotten.

And to the Tatnell family please accept my condolonces.

I am John Oliveri's (promoter Frank Oliveri's brother) second son who remembers listening to George's name on the speedway loud speakers and sneaking in a peak week after week while working behind the scenes with my dad (John), mum (Caterina), brother (Joe) and sisters (Carmel, Frances and Mim). 

Our condolences to George's family as we too lost a legend, dad, 29 years ago but his memory, as Georges will, lives in our heart forever.

God Bless. Close
Fan of George  / Sharon Dobson (Fan)  Read >>
Fan of George  / Sharon Dobson (Fan)
George Tatnell a true legend has gone but will never be forgotten. You will sadly be missed and remembered by all those who knew you.Everyone has special memories of you. You was one of the greatest speedway drivers in the world your  memories will live in the hearts of so many of those special people in your life. I know in my heart that your son Brooke will always be a great sprintcar car driver  and i wish him all the best. My sympathy thoughts and prayers go to Val, Brooke, Gale, Kelly, Joe and the rest of your family.Your grandchildren will grow up with the memories of a wonderful grand dad. so many memories that we have of you.Your beautiful smiling face will be missed by all who knew you


Sharon (Peter Dobson's sister}  Close
Your a legend George  / Jimmy McGregor (Huge Fan )  Read >>
Your a legend George  / Jimmy McGregor (Huge Fan )
    I have been a speedway fan since a small boy. I grew up only minutes from Liverpool Speedway. George Tatnell and family have kept me entertained for many years as a fan of speedway. For this Guys I thank you. Your memory will live on forever George. Brooke, I am sure you will carry the torch for your father and do him proud. 
   Good luck in the future gang and my deepest condolences go to you. Close
Goodbye George Tatnell  / Victoria Hildebrandt (Fan of Brooke Tatnell )  Read >>
Goodbye George Tatnell  / Victoria Hildebrandt (Fan of Brooke Tatnell )

I was born too late to see you in your earlier days at the showground but when I did start to get interested in Sprintcars at PCR I did manage to see you and Brooke in the Winfield cars together.  I will miss you but you will be remembered through my children and they will know the name GEORGE TATNELL. To friends and family my deepest condolences. Victoria Hildebrandt

Rest in Peace George  / Samantha Dobson (Fan/Peter Dobsons neice )  Read >>
Rest in Peace George  / Samantha Dobson (Fan/Peter Dobsons neice )
My name is Samantha and i am 12 years old from Sydney

My thoughts go out to George's family at this very sad time

Thoughts are with Val,Brooke,Kelly,Gale and the rest of his family

Rest in peace George and you will be in my heart forever

From Samantha Close
my poem to George  / Corey Slade (speedway fan )  Read >>
my poem to George  / Corey Slade (speedway fan )

                                   George Tatnell

A   corner   comes   a   corner   goes
we're   doing   it   fast   and   trying   to   win
the  clay  is  packed  and  the cars  are  ready
its time to race its Saturday night
the race gears on and ready to fight.

On come the lights, and the people rush in
Australian title is on the line
we try to win that number one
but theres no chance in hell
when we race against George Tatnell

Another season has come and gone
time to reflect on whats gone wrong
we sit at the pub and got stories to tell
but no one will beat them like George Tatnell

A 16 year old is all it took
to have a go his name was Brooke
he was born a Tatnell,and he could race
and always has got  a smile upon his face

Corners come and corners go
the lights go green and dirt begins to fly
where sprintcars rule and midgets fly
its saturday night at the raceway
were oldies race and rookies try
to be that hero with number one

A hero i'm not, not even close
but i'll sit on the hill and watch and clap
i'll stand up and cheer
and ring my winners bell
for a man named George Tatnell

You might be gone
but never forgotten
you will be loved
and will be missed
i'll shed my tears
and remember the years
where we all screamed
George Tatnell


We'll never forget you George  / Paul Allitt (Fan)  Read >>
We'll never forget you George  / Paul Allitt (Fan)
I feel lucky to have seen you race so many times, you never slowed down, not ever, and as a teenager I can remember feeling slightly intimidated going up and asking for an autograph, but you were so humble to talk to, that left a lasting impression and respect that will last my lifetime ,  that poster that you signed will always bring back memories of the first time I met you.
Some years later while writing pit reports for a magazine, you were always approachable even if things didn't go well for you in a race, to me that made you stand out from your competitors.
My thoughts go out to your family
Thanks for many years of entertainment
Regards Paul Allitt. 

HAll of FAME  / GEORGE   Read >>
Hall of Fame~ George will always REMAIN  It breaks our heart hes gone, but we must carry on...Til we meet again never forget WE LOVE YOU Close
You have WON a special place in Heaven with the Lord & all his ANGELS~ God Bless You ! Close
RIP / GEORGE   Read >>
 I Love you (XOXO) Close
Go George Go  / Your A. Winner On Earth As In HEAVEN   Read >>
Go George Go  / Your A. Winner On Earth As In HEAVEN
To the Family of George  / Our Sympathies To You   Read >>
To the Family of George  / Our Sympathies To You
Rest In Peace George~ Your greatness will shine bright in Heaven as on Earth!! Til you meet up with your family again keep them  SMILING YOU LIVED LIFE WELL Blessings from NJ friends of angel Mark Fearon USA Close
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