George Tatnell
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Mariam Fup Valeri FupDM lit a candle on 08/28/2019: "Окей парниша!"
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JamesDof JamesDofWM lit a candle on 08/10/2019: "qwerty"
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Carrietrisy CarrietrisyQB lit a candle on 08/03/2019: "Please tell me more about your offer. +1 909-482-2200"
Jahnl781 Keish651HZ lit a candle on 07/23/2019: "Hello. And Bye."
WeetlyEaselve WeetlyEaselveXM lit a candle on 04/02/2019: "Здесь кто был?"
Kevinlab KevinlabVG lit a candle on 03/19/2019: "medicare and home health care orthopedic doctors in virginia beach prescription for foot fungus"
Howie Powie lit a candle on 11/27/2018: "Always thinking of you..."
HCSchuhfap SchuhfapBG lit a candle on 02/02/2018: " order ventolin online canada"
Hubertlemurto Hubert Lemurto lit a candle on 12/31/2017: "carpe diem"
Kylie Harris lit a candle on 05/12/2013: "6 years today and not a day goes by where we dont think of you and miss you RIP xx"
The Ross's lit a candle on 04/28/2013: "Another year olders dear GT - but you are always young in our hearts. Hope that big speedway in the sky is good to you"
Kylie Harris lit a candle on 04/27/2013: "Happy Birthday Uncle George, we miss you deeply xox"
KELLY WADE lit a candle on 04/27/2013: "Happy birthday Dad! I miss you, miss you ,miss you! Love Mouse.x"
John &. Maree Ross lit a candle on 03/15/2013: "Always remembered in our cherished memoried. You maybe gone GT but you are never forgotten"
Kel Wade lit a candle on 12/24/2012: "I miss you! Another day another week, yr, Christmas! I love you. Mouse xxx"
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